Published On: 2 June, 2023Comments Off on Alliance for Mining Co. Ltd. Temporarily Suspends Operations in Sudan

Alliance for Mining Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of the UAE-based Emiral Resources and a leading gold mining company in Sudan, has been compelled to temporarily halt its mining activities until further notice. The decision comes as a result of the ongoing armed conflict in the country, which has disrupted day-to-day operations, payment transactions, the supply of essential equipment, spare parts, food, and fuel to the Block-30 mining site located in the Red Sea State. Additionally, the conflict has made it impossible to sell and export gold, while posing significant risks to the health and safety of our personnel.

The security situation in Sudan prompted the evacuation of personnel, prioritizing the safety and well-being of the employees and ensuring operational continuity. Alliance for Mining Co. Ltd. remains committed to resuming operations once normal working conditions are established and personnel safety can be assured.

The company appreciates the support it received during the evacuation process from employees, stakeholders, local authorities and diplomatic missions. Updates regarding the situation and the resumption of operations will be provided in due course.