At Emiral, we are known for our strong technical capabilities and deep knowledge of the region and industry. We are proud to offer exceptional professional services in exploration, development, production, trading and procurement.


Exploration is at the core of Emiral’s business. Our experienced exploration team targets regions where we can leverage our strong suite of technical capabilities  and competitive strengths in exploration program design, implementation, and quality control. In addition, we manage PP & GG database, evaluate and analyse mineral deposits and oil and gas prospective basins, and specialise in geological 2D/3D modelling.


In order to guarantee the highest quality results, we work hard to develop and estimate natural resources and their qualities. We  design open pit and underground developments, research oil production, run CAPEX and OPEX scheduling and build investment profiles.


At Emiral, our process determines our product. Therefore, we produce technical solutions for constructing mine and field facilities, as well as for oil and gas infrastructure. Our production is supported by efficient procurement, planning, and quality control processes.

Trading & procurement

We specialize in commodity trading and procurement, which allows us to have a wide network of offtakers and suppliers worldwide. Emiral are also experts in purchasing, logistics, vendor management, and supply chain optimization.