About us



Emiral is an international mining company that offers top quality services in mineral exploration, production, consulting, and engineering for mining, oil and gas industries, while using a hands-on approach and an open-heart attitude.

Emiral is a doer. We do stick to our word, we do offer valuable expertise, and we do deliver top quality results.

Founded in 2013, Emiral is an Emirati-Russian joint venture that prides itself in establishing high potential international mining, oil and gas projects. The headquarters of the company are located in Dubai (UAE). In collaboration with the most proficient geologists, engineers, and managers, Emiral is set to achieve solely the highest operating results. Not only are these results accomplished in an agile and efficient way, they are also approached with an empathetic and honest character. With its ties to many African countries (Sudan, Niger, Mali, Chad, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and Eritrea) Emiral is committed to maintaining a trustworthy and transparent relationship while respecting the values and traditions of its partners.

Emiral works on the basis of both a global and local company. With its connection to the United Arab Emirates and Russia, Emiral understands what it means to have both an international and intercultural mindset. This allows the company to comply with global laws and procedures, and to understand the best methods and risks associated with different localities.

As a company with a driven spirit for success, Emiral is not afraid to go above and beyond, even in complex environments. Whether it is exploring a new territory and creating geological 2D or 3D models, or developing complicated research in oil fields, Emiral is a company that can do it all.
But the business aspect at Emiral is not its only focus, Emiral is also heavily involved with the countries that it works in. Offering educational, economical, and health support is a vital part of Emiral’s moral code. One of our subsidiaries, Kush EP, a leading Sudanese industrial gold production company, helps to bring social responsibility to the business. During a time when the well-being of the planet and its population is at an ever increasing risk, Emiral has the influence to make a positive change. As a result, Emiral makes sure to preserve local nature and to leave a positive footprint in the lives of its communities.