Emiral Resources is an international group of companies engaged in mineral exploration, production, consulting and engineering services for mining and oil & gas industries worldwide.


To establish Emiral as a major producer of natural resources by leveraging our extensive experience and success in exploration and production of minerals and oil & gas while prioritizing stakeholder interests.


Emiral aims to generate value for its shareholders by acquiring and developing new assets and strengthening the trust of the investment community.


  • Integrity
  • Health & safety
  • Financial transparency
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Environmental responsibility

Companies of the Group specialize in the following activities:


  • Exploration program design, expert review, implementation and quality control
  • Maintaining and managing of the integrated PP & GG database
  • Audit, review and evaluation of mineral deposits
  • Petroleum system analyses of oil & gas prospective basins and blocks world-wide
  • Geological 2D/3D modeling


  • Mineral and oil & gas resources estimation and qualification
  • Resource modeling and metallurgical scheme developments
  • Open pit and underground development design
  • Applied research in incremental oil production of mature oil fields
  • CAPEX and OPEX scheduling & Investment profile


  • Development of technical solutions for mine / field facilities construction, and oil & gas infrastructure
  • Preparation of feasibility study for construction CAPEX / OPEX
  • Reservoir simulation, proposals for new and old well workovers
  • Production support: procurement, planning, quality control

Trading & Procurement

  • Special licensed trading and procurement company
  • Wide range of customers and suppliers worldwide
  • Efficient and profit-making goods trading
  • Supply chain optimization