Sudan (Gold Production)

The leading project of Emiral Resources is the KUSH project, implemented in the Republic of the Sudan by the Kush Exploration and Production Co. Ltd. and Alliance for Mining Co. Ltd.

Emiral Resources has a full cycle exploration and mining business in Sudan with a production capacity of up to 95,000 ounces of gold per year (approx. 3 t Au/yr), which is supported by a strong in-house geological and production team with 10+ years of experience in exploration and mining. Sudanese subsidiary, Alliance for Mining Co. Ltd., is the biggest industrial gold producer in Sudan. The main milestones which have been achieved in relation to this project are:

  • April 2013 – obtainment of exploration license for Block 30
  • May 2015 – commenced gold production
  • March 2016 – production of 1st ton of gold
  • January 2018 – increase of production capacity of the gold processing plant to up to 3 t Au/y

In 2020 Alliance for Mining, a subsidiary company of Kush E&P, won an award as the “The Best Company of 2020”. The Ministry of Energy & Mining and Sudanese Mineral Resources Company (SMRC) expressed their gratitude and respect to Alliance for Mining for its efforts to develop the country’s mining sector and the results achieved in 2020 as well as its contribution to the development of local communities. Alliance for Mining has shown high efficiency and achieved the sustainable development goals of the mining sector planned for 2020.

Mauritania (Gold Exploration)

Emiral Resources currently has an active exploration project in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

Since February 2020 local subsidiary EMIRAL Mining SARL is implementing a wide range of prospecting and exploration works to reveal a high potential mining targets.