Corporate Social Responsibility in Sudan

As a member of Emiral, Kush EP, a leading industrial gold production company in Sudan, Emiral strives to fulfill its obligations, which means that social responsibility is a core value of our business. Emiral considers social responsibility to be our priority and is aware of the importance of giving back to local communities. Our social contribution efforts focus on education, health, and the environment.

Emiral devotes considerable attention and resources to its Social Responsibility programs, as we truly care about the region we conduct business in, and believe in the importance of cooperation between our company and the local community.

COVID-19 response and measures

In view of the negative epidemiological situation and restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has taken unprecedented measures in order to support and secure its personnel and reduce the risk of the virus reaching the production site:

  • Since April 2020 the company has provided additional financial support to its on-shift and off-shift staff given that rotation is not possible;

  • Precautions, such as checking symptoms on a daily basis, wearing masks and gloves, social distancing, etc. have been introduced;

  • A fully-equipped quarantine area was set up in Atbara, including COVID-19 testing equipment in order to minimize the risk during shift changes. All shift personnel are required to be tested and stay for a 14-day quarantine in this area.

Supporting Bushareen community

Since the signing of the Agreement with the Bushareen community in 2014, Kush EP has always fulfilled its obligations to pay out part of the company’s dividends to the Bushareen community.
This is a significant social contribution to the development of the region.

Last year, the local community, with the support of Kush EP, launched 15 agricultural projects, including the farming of sowing beans, wheat and grain crops. The community also used equipment provided by Kush EP to build irrigation canals in the cultivated areas.

Khartoum University Support

In 2013 Kush EP offered its support to the University of Khartoum.

Kush EP launched a project aimed at renovating the University of Khartoum library. The company performed construction and repair work, replaced equipment and furniture, while air conditioners and lighting systems were installed in classrooms. The company also purchased computers, installed sound systems, and bought new books. Greatly enhancing the work environment of the universities student body, and also contributing to better student life.


Alongside operations in the mining sector, Kush EP is mindful of the need to lend a helping hand to the areas located within its geographical footprint. Activities include a wide range of support, promoting professional education and conducting training in these areas.

The midwifery school is a prime example of such an approach along with other CSR projects. Kush EP provided funding for this project, which included management of an obstetric school in the Haya district and training sessions for women wishing to study obstetrics.

What is more, Kush EP has renovated a building that will be used as a secondary school and participated in construction of a new extension to this building.

Water supply system in the Hayya district

One of the Corporate Social Responsibility Projects of Kush EP also includes a project aimed at upgrading the water supply system in the region.
To date, the project for capital renovation of the water supply system has received contributions of over SDG 1.9 mln, which has helped to cover the purchase, logistics, delivery, and installation of equipment used in the new water supply network. Therefore, greatly improving the standard of living for the people of Hayya.

Archaeological site in Abu Erteil and Meroë (Shendi area)

In 2015 Kush EP launched a sponsorship program to support Sudan’s cultural and historical heritage, by offering financial assistance to the Russian-Italian archeology expedition in Abu Erteila (Shendi area). Thanks to Kush EP’s participation, modern equipment for the project was purchased and field seasons were held that led to the excavation of the temple of the Meroitic king Natakamani from the (1st century AD). A wide array of sacred artifacts were discovered in this temple, including altars, columns with images and inscriptions in ancient Egyptian, paintings, and an ancient water supply system. The interest and proposal on the part of the Sudanese to open in Moscow a center for training personnel in archeology, culminated in the signing of an agreement between the Merowe University, and the Russian State University for the Humanities.

In 2017 Kush EP provided financial support for an archeological expedition in an ancient settlement of the Deraheib Region.